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Are your teams struggling?

At Elephant Answer, we
understand how complex team
dynamics can be.

We specialize in tailoring team
and leadership programs that
push for stronger teamwork
and results.

Short, light, and effective trainings.

If you want your teams to perform you must have the right training. We offer trainings in feedback. leadership, personality types at work and crucial conversations.

Push performance and team morale.
Team gym is a 3-morning workshop that addresses each team's specific challenges. Together participants will develop pratical tools for team excellence. 

Transform your uniqueness into powerful leadership.

Our executive coaching program challenges you to build self-awareness and confidence to drive transformational change. 

About us 

We want to channel elephants' instinctive collaboration, strategic thinking, and compassionate leadership.

Did you know elephants use a complex mix of vocalizations and body language to communicate, ensuring every herd member is heard and understood?

In times of drought, elephants work together to dig water wells, demonstrating incredible problem-solving skills that we experience when addressing business challenges. Also, their ability to mourn together shows a depth of empathy and support that strengthens the bonds within the group.

This kind of teamwork is rare in animals and even rarer in humans. If elephants see the power of working together, why can't we?

We're dedicated to bringing this elephant-inspired collaboration to life. We offer leadership and team programs designed to boost teamwork and communication, helping your team achieve more together, just like elephants.

Our programs

Check our trainings, team gym and coaching programs.

Transform your uniqueness into powerful leadership. 

Leadership is all about taking your team to the next level.

Our coaches will work with you to finetune your leadership style and learn how to lead a team to high-performance standards.

You will be challenged to leverage on your strengths, mitigate your shadow sides, and press transformational changes in your team and organizational dynamics.

Short, light and effective trainings

If you want your teams to perform you must have the right training. And that's where Elephant Answer comes in.

Elephant Answer offers cutting-edge training that will help you develop the skills you need for taking your team performance and leadership to the next level.

  • Which training do you need?


  • Lead Agile Dynamics

    With Lead Agile Dynamics Training, you'll learn proven strategies for effective communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. Our expert trainers will guide you through hands-on exercises to ensure that you not only understand the principles of agility but can also apply them confidently in your day-to-day leadership role.

  • Feedback That Works

    A training program designed to empower individuals to deliver feedback effectively.

    Our expert trainers will guide participants through practical exercises, real-life scenarios, and interactive discussions to master essential feedback skills such as active listening, providing specific examples, and offering actionable steps for improvement. 

  • Dealing With Different Personalities At Work

    With this training you'll learn how to identify different personality types, understand their motivations, and adapt your communication style to foster better relationships.

    You will also celebrate the diversity of personalities within your team and harnessing that diversity to drive innovation and collaboration. By embracing the unique strengths and qualities of each team member, you'll create a more productive and thriving work environment.

  • Conflict Management in Teams: Strategies for Harmonious Collaboration

    Are you tired of facing conflict within your team without any resolution in sight? Does your team struggle to make decisions? 

    Our program is not your average conflict resolution workshop. With a unique focus on leveraging conflict and optimizing decision-making processes, we provide you with the tools and strategies you need to turn discord into cooperation and uncertainty into clarity. Say goodbye to dysfunctional team dynamics and hello to a harmonious and productive work environment.

    Don't let conflict hold your team back.

  • Maximizing Team Potential: Strategies for Peak Performance

    Unlock the full potential of your team with our cutting-edge strategies for peak performance. Discover how to leverage each member's strengths and foster a culture of collaboration and excellence. Empower your team to achieve unprecedented success and surpass all expectations.

Are your teams struggling with poor feedback?

A 3-morning team workshop to fortify workplace relationships and push performance.

Reach out if recent challenges have been affecting your team, and you need help to turn those obstacles into opportunities. 

Our happy clients 

  • "We had a really good session. The team felt very comfortable sharing experiences and ideas. the session was very productive to think out of the box and working as a team. It was really empathetic and know how to generate that atmosphere of trust. "

    Silvia Mosquera

    Chief Commercial Officer, Tap

    Silvia Mosquera
  • "We had a very nice session. It helped us feel at ease and drove the session in a constructive manner. Thus, we warmly recommend!"

    Emilie Marejus

    Executive Learning & Development Manager, Auchan International

    Emilie Marejus
  • "With great sobriety and intelligence, Marta Marques Pereira facilitated a part of Celfocus's process in designing its new Delivery organization. She has the ability to lead a heterogeneous group of people in diagnosing their organization's current situation and thinking about feasible alternative scenarios, in a structured way. Leading this kind of transformation workshop requires method, superb listening skills, excellent reflective aptitudes and the ability to build from mixed and unstructured contributions. For participants, the progress becomes faster and more rewarding."

    José Miguel Barros

    Marketing & Communications Director, Celfocus

    José Miguel Barros
  • "In July 2021, the People & Culture team of Nova SBE found out its mission and aligned objectives and priorities to 2022. Marta did an amazing job with this team: she helped to break down some myths and to celebrate victories; she promoted team spirit, and she helped to think and to structure the team’s future. This would never have been possible without her ability to emphasize and her strong relationship skills. She’s a native communicator, very enthusiastic,ic and truly inspiring! I hope she continues her excellent job and that Elephant Answer grow as a true partner for the corporate world."

    Joana Pita Negrão

    HR Executive Director, Nova SBE

    Joana Pita Negrão
  • Elephant Answer has provided an exceptional coaching program. From Globalvia we have worked closely with them on, and their expertise is outstanding. Marta and their team bring a tailored approach, deep organizational understanding, and a proven ability to drive positive change. Their collaborative style, excellent communication, and passion for coaching make them an invaluable asset. We have seen impactful results!

    María Porta Ferrer

    Head of Talent, Communication and CSR, GLOBALVIA

    María Porta Ferrer
  • In a constantly changing environment, with increasingly dynamic and complex scenarios, the way you lead yourself and others is more important than ever. The entire Bacalhôa Group Top Management team had an innovative, immersive and learning experience at the "Future-Minded Leaders" Leadership session with Elephant Answer, which will certainly help to boost everyone's leadership. It was a moment of energy and inspiration, designing new ways of relating and discovering the team's potential to face challenges. The leadership session also made it possible to create more empathy between everyone and will be an important link in continuing to build a more sustainable future for the whole company.

    Eduardo Medeiro

    Administrador, Grupo Bacalhôa

    Eduardo Medeiro

We are trusted by some of the most recognizable brands.

Meet our team 

If you're looking for a team of experts who can help you boost performance and harmonize workplace culture, you've come to the right place. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses pump up their productivity and create a more positive work environment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your team succeed.

Meet Our Founder

Marta Marques Pereira 

My journey is dedicated to one mission: to shape teams into thriving spaces where everyone can bring their unique contribution and talents to the world. I really believe that there are no limits to collaboration if the right activities are in place.

This means cutting through the noise to promote clear, open dialogue, injecting dynamism into daily interactions, and promoting an environment where learning isn't just welcomed—it's expected.

With a track record of over seven years, I've partnered with a broad range of clients, from retail innovators to tech experts. These collaborations have been about more than just tweaking processes—they've been transformative, changing how teams and leaders interact on a fundamental level.

Patricia Poças

Executive Coach & Facilitator

"Optimistic by nature and passionate about people, I firmly believe that self-development and a healthy communication are the keys to unleash our full potential.

Certified Coach, NLP Trainer, and Social Panorama Consultant, with a Postgraduate in Management and a BSC in Law, I’ve been partnering with multiple organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams, discussing Values, Mission & Purpose, to ensure a healthy organizational culture."

Gonçalo Valverde

Agile Coach & Facilitator

"I am passionate for helping teams and organizations improve continuously. I am dedicated to helping organizations become more agile and adaptable, allowing them to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. Whether I am coaching teams on agile principles, facilitating workshops, or providing training, I am committed to helping teams and organizations reach their goals and succeed."

Inês Xavier da Cunha 

Executive Coach & Trainer

"I am a sailor with a passion for the sea and people; I find in Nature my refuge. Recently I've started to explore the impact of immersion in Nature, both in terms of managing emotions and the possibility of inner reconnection. 

I have been a Professional Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation since 2016 and have about ten years of experience working in behavioral skills development through non-formal and disruptive methods. I am also the founder of Coachmi, which is dedicated to empowering young professionals through coaching."

João Pereira Leite 

Executive Coach & Trainer

João is an optimist and an unconditional believer in people. His life passion is to help others achieve their full potential and become happier human beings. His strongest attribute is that he truly believes in people, in the individuality of each one and in its unique way of contributing to a greater good.

He became a certified coach in 2015 and specialized himself in helping people find their life purpose and to thrive for positive and conscious change (either in their professional or personal lives). He is a university teacher, and he leads emotional intelligence programs for organizations.


Ana Moniz 

Executive Coach & Trainer 

Ana Moniz is a psychotherapist, executive coach, team coach, and executive trainer. She is also a well-known speaker who has presented at companies, schools, and public organizations. In 2019, Ana published her book "Este livro não é para fracos: como agir com coragem está ao alcance de todos". She is also a co-author of "Psicoterapias Cognitivo-Comportamentais- vol2- Perturbações Específicas", which will be published in 2022. 

Visit her website: https://anamonizpsicologa.com/